For sending out e-mails.

Check the video tutorial.

Creating a campaign

First, click on the Campaigns tab (1), and then click on the button "New Campaign" (2).

On the pop-up window that appears, click "New newsletter".

1. Adding the general information.

Write a subject to your newsletter (1). You can also add symbols to your subject line, but please avoid ALL CAPS and excessive punctuation in the subject. Read more from Adding symbols to your newsletter

Next, choose the sender address from the dropdown menu ("From address") (2). If you don't find the address you wish to send the e-mails from, pick "New address" from the dropdown, and enter the address to the fields below. 

NB! When you add the from address for the first time or the new from address domain has not been used yet, you need to verify the domain, before you can send out any newsletters. Please see our manual for domain verification.

Reply-to address will be the same as the from address by default, when sending out the campaign. If you would like to receive replies to a different email address, please fill the "Reply-to address" field with a different address.

Adding the subject and the from address are mandatory. When you have chosen a subject and a from/reply-to address, click "Continue" (3).

2. Choosing the right template.

Choose the template that you have previously created for this campaign(1) by clicking on the bullet before the template name. If you don't have a template yet, read from the article User manual for the drag and drop editor how to create one. 

In this step you can also test your newsletter (2). Read more from the article Testing the newsletter.

If you have chosen the template you wish to use, click "Continue" (3).

3. Choosing the recipients.

Mark with a checkmark the contact list (there can be several) to whom you'd like to send out your newsletter (1). With an "x" mark you can exclude certain lists (to get an "x" in front of a list, make a double click). When you have chosen the list(s) you wish, click continue (2).

4. Launching the newsletter.

Check if everything is correct. If you want to send the campaign right away, click "Save and launch".

Or you can schedule the newsletter for later sending. For that, choose under Delivery date and time the option "Schedule for later sending", pick a date and time for the launch, and click "Save and launch". 

You can also send newsletters in smaller batches. For that, make a checkmark in front of the option "Chop the list to", and then specify the required fields.

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