A/B test sends a different e-mail to randomly created test groups. By comparing the different elements of campaigns (different templates, subjects) it's possible to gain knowledge about what solutions work best.

To create an A/B test, go to the "Campaigns" tab (1), and then click on the right "New campaign" (2).

On the pop-up window that appears, click "New A/B split campaign".

1. Creating the first letter.

Write a subject to the first newsletter (1) and choose the sender address from the dropdown menu ("From:"). If you don't find the address you wish to send the e-mails from, pick "New address" from the dropdown, and enter the address to the fields below. If you wish, add the address where the replies should go ("Reply-to:"). The default address for the replies is the same as the sender address.

Adding the subject and the sender address are mandatory. When you have chosen a subject and a sender/reply-to address, click "Continue" (2).

Next, choose a template for the first newsletter (1). (Read from User manual for the drag and drop editor how to create templates.) When you have chosen the template for the first newsletter, click "Add another e-mail". (2)

2. Creating the second letter.

After clicking "Add another email", you can start adding information for the second newsletter. Write a subject for the second newsletter (1) and choose the sender address. Then click "Continue" (2).

Choose a template for the second newsletter (1) and click "Continue" (2).

(If you wish to test with three or more different emails, you can click "Add another email" and go through the previously described steps the same way, then click "Continue" to get to step 3.)

The third and fourth step (selecting the recipients and launching) are joint for both letters.

3. Selecting the subscriber list for testing

Choose the subscriber list that you want to use for the test by making a checkmark in front of the list (1). The test emails will be sent to the selected list. For example, if you are doing an A/B test with two emails, the list will be divided in two, if you have the A/B test with 3 emails, the list will be divided into three parts, etc.

After you have chosen the list, click "Continue" (2).

4. Launching the A/B split campaign

You can launch the tests immediately (by choosing "Start immediately") or schedule it for later sending (by choosing "Schedule for later sending" and adding a date and time). To launch the test click "Save and launch".