By sharing user rights you can give other people access to your Smaily account.

Click on your name in the upper right corner of the page.

A dropdown menu opens. Click on "Preferences".

The account settings view will open. On the first page "My account" you can see and change your account main settings and also invite more users to the account. Click on "Invite users" to give access to the account to more people. A pop-up window will appear that asks you to enter the email address. Enter the email of the person you want to share the user rights with and click "OK".

The new added user will receive an email invitation. After clicking on the link in the email the new user has to authorize himself/herself by logging in (either using Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Microsoft account). The invitation is valid for up to 24 h. When the new user didn't log in during the time when the invitation was still valid, then it is possible to resend the invitation.

Every time you log in, use the same authorization method you used when you created your account, else a new account will be created. For example, when you created your account by logging in with Facebook, use Facebook also next time you log in - when you log in with Google, a new account will be created.