Creating an account in Smaily just takes a few seconds and is totally free! First, go to our homepage Click in the upper right corner on "Log in".

A new window appears that prompts you to choose a login method. You can choose whether to create your account with Google (Gmail), Facebook or Twitter. Just choose the preferred option, sign in and a new account will be created for you.

From here, you can also choose the language (English, Estonian or Finnish - but don't worry, you can always change it later).

Next time you log in, use the same authentication method you used when you created the account, otherwise another new account will be created.

Using Smaily with a database of up to 2000 contacts is free and you can send as many newsletters and as often as you like. When you upload more than 2000 contacts, the system will automatically prompt you to upgrade your account. Then you can choose between monthly payments or buying credits. You can find more info on our pricing page.

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