When creating your template you should also take into account how it looks in mobile view. Here are a few examples of how the blocks will move in mobile view.

If there are two elements next to each other, the left element will stay above the right one, the element on the right side will go below the left one.

If the image and text are beneath each other, but in separate blocks, the elements will still move like this: left one stays above, right one goes beneath in the block.

Different blocks:

Mobile view:

If you don't want this to happen, drag the text and pictures into theĀ same block.

To drag the image, move your mouse to the upper left corner of the image. Click on the arrows icon and start dragging the image to where you need to.

If you have dragged the elements into the same block, they will stay in the right place also in mobile view.

Same block:

Mobile view: