To remove a contact from your subscribers list, go to "Subscribers" (1) and then click on "All subscribers" (2).

The list of subscribers appears. In the top right corner is a search box. Write the email of the contact you want to remove to the search box and press Enter.

To remove the contact, click on "Unsubscribe" (or delete from the red "x").

We recommend to use the "Unsubscribe" option - in that case the contact will be unsubscribed and even if the email gets imported to the database again, its status will still remain as unsubscribed. If you just delete the contact, it will be removed from the database, but if the email gets imported again, it will get newsletters again (deleting doesn't change the email status to unsubscribed).

NB! Deleting lists, i.e filters does not delete the subscribers in those lists. All the subscribers that were in the list will still remain in the all subscribers database, only the filter will be deleted. If you wish to delete a whole list of subscribers at once, please contact our helpdesk via