You can export detailed statistics about every campaign. For example, delivered and failed addresses, opened or clicked addresses, unsubscribed addresses etc. To see and export this information, first go to "Campaigns" (1) and click on the campaign name you want the statistics for (2).

The detailed campaign view opens. From there you can export data about the campaign. Below comes an overview which exports you can get from where and what information is included in them.

Campaign overall statistics report

On the campaign details page, beneath the graphics, click on the "Addresses" tab (1). Scroll to the bottom of the page and in the right bottom click on "Export: Campaign overall statistics" link (2). A CSV file will be downloaded to your computer that you can view and edit with Excel.

The campaign overall statistics export contains the following data: email, status - these are the responses of email servers, including error codes (look up the meaning of error codes from The most common response codes)sent at - what time the email was sent to that contact, num of forwards - how many times it was forwarded, num of link clicks - how many times were the links clicked, num of image views - based on this you can see who opened the newsletter. Some email clients, like Outlook, offer a configuration where images won't be downloaded, so the opening rate might even be a bit higher.

Opened emails, not opened emails and link clicks statistics export

You can get the data about opened and clicked emails when you click on "Opened" (1) on the campaign details page. After that, scroll to the bottom of the page and in the right corner you can click on Export: Opened or Not opened (2).

From the opened export file, you can find the following: addresses, clicked, clicked at, viewed and viewed at.

From the not opened file you can find those addresses that did not open the email.

Exporting the failed report


From the failed export file you can find the failed addresses, response at - the date and time of the error message from the server and response - the error code (look up the meaning of error codes from The most common response codes).

Exporting the unsubscribed report

You can get the unsubscribed emails when you click on "Unsubscribed" and then at the bottom right corner of the page Export: Unsubscribed (2).


In the unsubscribed report you can find the addresses who unsubscribed, and the date at when they unsubscribed.