You can add anchors to your newsletter to jump to specific locations on the page. For example, you can create a "back to top" link in your newsletter.

Adding an anchor consists of two parts - adding the anchor itself and linking to the anchor. To add the anchor, first click in the location in your template where you wish to drop the anchor. Then click on the flag iconĀ in the text toolbar.


The anchor properties window will appear that prompts you to enter a name for the anchor. You can name it for example "top" or with a number "1". After that click "OK".


If adding the anchor succeeded, a little red flag appears in the place of the anchor.

Second step is adding the link that jumps to the anchor. For that, select the text you wish, e.g "Back to top" and then click on the link icon in the text toolbar.


A new window appears. Choose the link type to be "Link to anchor in the text" and then select the name of the anchor from the dropdown menu. After that click "OK".


The anchor will be created. Save your template and check from the preview version, if the window jumps to the expected location when clicking on the anchor link.