You can exclude certain lists when sending out campaigns. For example, you can create a list of all the people who have never opened your newsletter and exclude them from a campaign.

You can exclude a list on the 3rd step of creating a campaign, when you are selecting the recipients. If a campaign goes out to all subscribers, it always goes out to all of your contacts. If you choose all subscribers, but exclude a certain list, the campaign goes out to all subscribers except those in the excluded list. To exclude a list, double click in the box in front of the list name.



Let's look at how to exclude those contacts that have never opened any of your newsletters. To do that, click on "Create a filter" while you're selecting recipients for your campaign.


The filter view opens. Write a name for the filter and choose the conditions "Last open at" equals empty (leave the last cell empty). After that, you can click from the right "Refresh count" to see the number of contacts who have the last opened cell empty, i.e. they have never opened a newsletter. Click "Save".


After that the filter appears in the list of contacts and by double clicking in the box in front of the list, you can exclude these contacts from recipients.