You can share a link to your newsletter in Facebook or other social media channels. You can also create a link in your newsletter to a template in another language.

To get the link you can share, first go to "Templates" (1) and then click on the "Preview" link next to the template name (2). 

A new window opens with the template preview. Copy the link from the address bar - this is the link you can share in social media, send to people or link to it from another template.

How to add "Read in another language" link to your newsletter?

Let's look at an example, how to add a "Read in Russian" link. First, create a template in that language. If you have the template ready, copy its preview link like shown above (by clicking on "Preview" next to the template name in the list of templates).

After that, open the original newsletter and write the text you want linking to the other newsletter. For example for the Russian speakers you can write "На русском". Select the text (1) and then click in the text toolbar on the link adding icon (2), like usually when adding a link. Copy the link of the Russian template there and click "OK". After that, clicking on this link directs you to the Russian template.

NB! The copied preview link should contain the template id number in it. If you copy the link while editing the template or from the editing template preview, then the link won't work. The link should be definitely copied from the preview window you get when clicking on the "Preview" link next to the name of the template in the list of templates.