For subscribers to be able to forward Your newsletters, You must add a button or a link to selected words while creating Your template.

To add a "send to friend" button, add one to Your template and open button settings menu. To do that, first click on the button settings icon (1).

Write {{send_to_friend}} to the URL field (2), add a button text in the text field (3) and press OK (4).

To insert "send to friend" link to words in Your template, first select the text you want to link (1) and then click on the chains icon (2).

In the link menu "Display text" shows the words You have selected to add a link to (3). You must select protocol as "<other>" and in the URL section You should add {{send_to_friend}}. Then click OK.

You can check if the links work, when You send the newsletter to yourself. When receiving the email and by clicking on the button or text, a new window opens, where You can insert the e-mail You want to share the newsletter to. NB! The e-mail You insert will not be added as a subscriber.

Later under the post statistics, You can see how many people have forwarded Your newsletter and how many times.