While creating templates, You can add various links to selected words, buttons and even pictures. 

Linking words

Select a word/ words You wish to add a link to (1). Below appears a menu, where You can select link menu (2). 

In the menu "Display text" shows the words You selected to add a link to (3). Insert link in the URL field (4) and click "OK" (5). 

Adding link to a button

Add a button to Your template and open button properties (1).

In the button properties menu add a link to the "URL" field (2) and add in the "Text" field (3) the title of the button, e.g Homepage, Click here! etc. Alson in the same menu You can change button properties like color and alignmnet. When ready, click OK (4).

Adding a link to picture

To add a link to the picture, drag Your mouse over the selected picture and open configure properties (1).

In the properties menu add the link in the "URL" field (2). And click OK (3). To the pictures You can add for example product links, media links etc.

Later You can test the links while testing the newsletter.