With our visual automation builder tool, you can easily create automated workflows to modify subscriber data based on their activities, recurring events or actions and send automated newsletters / confirmation messages to your subscribers.




Example opt-in workflow

Example birthday workflow

Automation ID

To create a new workflow, first go to the Automation tab, then click on the button "New automation"

Opens a workflow editor and you can start by giving your workflow a name and then clicking on "+" icon. You can choose between different triggers that will trigger the workflow. 

1. Choosing a trigger

Form submitted

The workflow is triggered every time a subscriber submits a web form. Is used for integrations, web forms and API requests.


The workflow is triggered when subscriber opts-in (subscribes) to your database. The workflow will be triggered one time only on the first opt-in. 


The workflow is triggered when subscriber opts-out (unsubscribes) from your database.


The workflow is triggered when subscriber's data changes (e.g manual edit, import, form submit).


The workflow is triggered at a time specified in subscriber's birthday field. Source field is the birthday parameter and can not be changed in the flow. 

Offset determines the time when the the workflow starts. If none is chosen, then the workflow starts exactly when the birthday is (at the start of the new day). Also you can choose set hours/days/weeks before or after the birthday condition has been met.

Open message

The workflow is triggered when a message is opened by subscriber. 

Link click

The workflow is triggered when a link in a message is clicked by a subscriber.

2. Adding actions

When the trigger has been chosen, the next step is to add actions that will follow the trigger. By clicking on + under the trigger, you can choose between different actions and filters. 


Actions are performed after a contact has triggered the workflow. 

Unsubscibe - Subscriber will be unsubscribed from the database. 

Delay - delays the next action by selected amount of time. you can choose between minutes to hours to even a month. If the wished time delay is not in the selection, you can add other delay actions after the first, adding up to wished time period. 

Send message - sends an automatic response after the trigger has been activated or after an other action has been completed.

Subject is the subject of the email. From address is the email address the letter is received from and from name is the company/persons name, the letter is from. It is the information, the receiver sees in their mailbox. 

Modify data - after the activation of the trigger, modify data action makes changes in contacts data fields. For example when a contact clicks on change language, the language field of that contacts can be changed to new value. 

Field can be chosen from existing list. New value is the value given to that field by this action.


Filter by data modified - filters contacts by certain given value and gives an input to following action. 

Operator gives the rule by which the contacts are chosen by field and value.

Filter by URL - Can be used only when the trigger is link click. Filters contacts by url they clicked on.

NB! Please note that the entered URL must be exactly the same as used in the template, otherwise the click will not pass the filter.

Has opened message - Open is registered when subscriber downloads images or visits any link in the message. NB! You must add a delay action before this filter!

Has not opened message - Open is registered when subscriber downloads images or visits any link in the message. NB! You must add a delay action before this filter!

Has visited URL - filter contacts by specified URL click. NB! You must add a delay action before this filter!

Has not visited URL -  filter contacts who have not clicked on specified URL. NB! You must add a delay action before this filter!

3. Launching the workflow

After you have completed creating you workflow click on save automation. This will save your automaton, but will not launch it immediately. Saving directs you back to automations and to launch your new workflow, click on start.

Activated workflow will show dotted circle icon before the workflow name. NB! workflow name will be seen only by account users not by contacts.

Example opt-in workflow

Easy opt-in workflow can consist of only two elements - opt-in trigger and send email action. Opt-in automation will be activated if a contact opts in to your account from any form that posts contacts to your account. This automation can not be linked to any form or API request. 

NB! If you want to link an automation to a form or use it in integration, please use "form submitted" trigger.

Example birthday workflow

Easy birthday workflow can consist of only two elements - schedule trigger and send email action. Workflow is triggered, when the contact's birthday is coming up. From offset you can choose at white time before or after the following action will take place. 

For more information, read birthday automation workflow manual.

Automation ID

For integration You can get the automation ID from automation's URL:

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us support@smaily.com.