Adding contacts to existing lists is easy, when you have created segmentation and parameter based lists. 

First open the list you wish to add contacts to and check if the list's segmentation rules have a modified at rule or defined parameter rule. 

Modified at list

If the list has modified at segmentation rule you can not add contacts to that list directly. Modified at is a system field given to each contact when they are imported or their values have been changed (parameter values etc) and this value can not be changed manually.

To add contacts to modified at lists, you first need to give a new parameter to those contacts and change the segmentation rules accordingly. Check our manual on how to create a parameter based list.

When the changes have been made in the segmentation rules and the list is parameter based, then you can easily add new contacts.

Parameter based list

When you list is parameter based, adding new contacts to this list is simple. 

Adding one contact to list

Open subscribers tab, click on "add subscribers" and then "add one subscriber". Insert the email (and other information) and find the same parameter used in the list. Fill the required fields and click on save changes. The new contact will be added automatically to the list with same parameter and value.

In this example the parameter used in list was "feedback" ad the value given to it was "190212". Insert the same value in the parameter field, when adding a contact. 

Adding several contacts to list

Open the contact file in Excel (or other similar program). In the new column add the parameter as a column title and give the same parameter value to every contact in that column. Save the file and import it. There is no need to create a new filter, if the parameters are correct, contacts will be automatically added to the list with same parameters.

In example "feedback" as column title and "190212" value given to all contacts in that column

Always make sure that the list segmentation rules and parameters added to the contacts are the same, when adding more contacts to the list.