Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Smaily Zapier integration enables you to trigger automations to contacts from other apps (Google Contacts, Pipedrive, CRMs, e-Commerce etc) or just sync subscribers between Smaily and any other app.

To get started, accept the Smaily Zapier integration invitation from here.

Log into Zapier (or create a new account) and start a new Zap.

Choose the preferred integration, authorize and fill in the desired trigger. Some examples:

  • A new contact is added into a Google Sheets spreadsheet form.
  • A new lead is added into Pipedrive (in some category).
  • A new submission was entered into a form in Typeform.
  • A new order was made in Shopify.
  • etc

After you've selected which information you want to submit into Smaily, continue.

As an action, choose Smaily Zapier integration. Get Smaily API credentials from Preferences (learn how to do it from here) and enter authorize your Smaily account in Zapier.

At the moment you can create 2 actions with Smaily:

  • Update contact data.
  • Send an automation email. For this you will need to create an autoresponder in Smaily before you can use the step in Zapier. To learn how to create an autoresponder, click here or for the autoresponder API click here.

If you have everything set up, continue with the Zapier integration and specify the fields you want synced between your third party app and Smaily.

Test and run the Zap and that's it! You've just automated something you used to do manually so far.